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Veterans Resource Corner

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Welcome to our resource corner for questions, you as a veteran or family member may have.

Please feel free to send your questions and we monitor this blog very closely and ensure a prompt response.

Hey join us us tonight as Judy Boone's Restaurant cooks us dinner and support a great cause.. Veterans.. Check it out on the events page or if you would like to donate please check us out on all platforms; amazonsmile, walmart giving,,

Veteran Farmers

If you are a Veteran that owns property and wants to develop it into a farm or a community project-or knows someone that owns property, we want to hear from you. Go Get Your You Foundation is actively seeking letters of interest from potential landowners "expressing an interest in access to capital, market and land programs". Please follow this link to get more knowledge about Veteran farming and the wonderful support the agribusiness has for Veterans.

We have some exciting programs coming up for potential farmers and seasoned farmers as well as enthusiasts. Please check in here with your ?? and let's talk about it

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